Arizona Veterans' Donation Fund

What is the Arizona Veterans' Donation Fund?

The Arizona Veterans' Donation Fund, established in 1999, has helped fund programs that benefit veterans and their families throughout Arizona. Arizona State law specifies that tax-deductible donations to, and monies held in, this account can never revert to the State General Fund. The assets held in the account can only be used to benefit veterans in the State of Arizona through small grants and large grants, each with their own documented application process. In fiscal year 2013, for example, the Arizona Veterans' Donation Fund awarded over $725,000 to veterans' programs and initiatives throughout the State.

What are some examples of fund benefits?

Grantee Project Description Awarded Amount
Arizona Hall of Fame Society A three part project, program, and event that consist of opening a Military/Veteran Museum to honor service in peacetime and during times of war. Identify and assist programs that are beneficial to Military members/Veterans and to hold an award recognition event to honor unique service of Arizona Veterans. $15,000
Arizona StandDown A three day event for Arizona Veterans to obtain direct respite, healthcare, housing, legal, service benefit entitlements, and administrative services. The event offers a one stop environment to engage veterans that are battling homelessness. $40,000
Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness Support of Project H3 VETS. Work with community partners, navigation teams, and local, state, and federal agencies, utilizing the process and practices learned during Project H3: Home, Health, Hope. $125,630
Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness Support of Project H3 VETS. Work with community partners, navigation teams, and local, state, and federal agencies, utilizing the process and practices learned during Project H3: Home, Health, Hope. $41,250
Catholic Charities A program that will help provide permanent housing to veterans and assist with startup costs for rent and utilities not covered by HUD VASH. $41,250
AZ MODD Charities A project to open a multi-purpose outdoor recreational facility at the Prescott VA Medical Center. The facility will support the treatment and rehabilitation of Veterans and Wounded Warriors. $35,000
Empowerment Systems Inc. he project is a collaboration of community partnerships that are veteran specific. Efforts would entail a final development of the Arizona's Military/Veteran Resource Network for website implementation of the much needed military skills translator for veterans to gain employability. The five core elements of the event include Cross-Sector collaboration of local, state, and national communication and coordination, Specific Guidelines for Care & Sector, Care Training, Resource Network website, and System Navigator Program. A two day Statewide Symposium in support of service members, veterans and their families. $85,000
Hospice of the Valley Salutes Veterans Project: Care and Honor for the Arizona Veterans at End of Life and Palliative Care Unit. To support an strengthen the capacity to adapt and expand services to Maricopa County Veterans with late-stage chronic illness living at home and engaging community veterans to volunteer. $70,000
Law College Association To continue the University of Arizona College of Law's newly established Veteran's Advocacy Clinic. The clinical program services multiple purposes: providing legal assistance to veterans and to the Tucson Veteran's Court as part of a legal-medical partnership; training more attorneys to be familiar with veteran's law; and attracting more veterans into the practice of law. $150,000
Tempe LULAC / Piestewa Memorial Two part program of reflection, remembrance, reflection, and healing to honor the fallen and their families. $6,500
TERROS Inc. A project that will provide resources and support to veterans and military families to effectively transition from military to civilian life. The project will address needs of rebuilding family relationship, developing healthy life management habits, including strategies and resources for managing depression and anxiety. The service continuum will provided an integrated approach for veterans to access health and behavioral health treatment as well as complementary and alternative medicines, therapeutic recreation, parent and family support and opportunities for bonding with family and other veterans. $81,000
United for Change A program that helps veterans experiencing homelessness and those at risk for homelessness. The program assists veterans with temporary housing, housing deposits, initial move-in costs, and supplies furniture and basic household items once permanent housing is established. $27,400
VMLC Charities A program that provides a financial safety net for veterans treated at the Phoenix VA Hospital. The assistance is measured based upon the social worker's evaluation and recommendation on the veteran's status and financial needs. A cap of assisted funds is set by a ruled exact amount and will be billed directly to the billing agency and not the individual. $25,000
Yavapai College Foundation This program provides services to assist veterans to obtain the skills, motivation, and support they need to enter and succeed in postsecondary education. The program is designed to assist veterans who are at risk of academic failure; to develop the academic and other requisite skills needed as a college students. Services include: educational testing, assessment and career counseling, personal enrichment workshops, peer mentoring support, and increased access of tutorial program to veterans outside of Yavapai County. $26,309
Total Awards:   $728,089

How can my organization apply for grants from the fund?

Thank you. The 2015 grant cycle is now closed as of midnight December 31, 2015.

We hope to award 2015 grant funding on or before March 1, 2016. 2015 grant awardees will be notified via email and Instructed on the next step in the process.

The 2016 grant cycle is not yet opened, but we plan to provide further status on the 2016 grant cycle on this webpage in early January. Thank you so much for your interest and support of Arizona's Veterans.


Grants for $5,000 or more (Large Grant)

All Requests for Grant Proposals of $5,000 or more must be submitted through eCivis, a cloud-based grants management system, Grants Network: Research. The State of Arizona has created a portal to eCivis for users searching for State of Arizona grant opportunities. Please visit for more information and to register for your free eCivis account.

2015 VDF Grant Cycle $5,000 or more

Proposals are now being accepted through December 31, 2015.

If the eCivis Grants link above results in an error message while uploading your grant request-supportive document, try this link below:

If that alternate eCivis link doesn't work, check that the in your browser address window begins "http://" and not "https://".

Grants for $4,999.99 or less (Small Grant)

A Request for Grant Proposal of $4,999.99 and less can be downloaded in PDF format here. Small Grant Proposals are accepted throughout the year, dependent on availability of funding.

What's Next?

Applicants who have been awarded a grant from the fund (Large Grant or Small Grant) must be registered with ProcureAZ, which is the State of Arizona's procurement system.

  • Register with ProcureAZ using the instructions located online HERE.
  • Once registered, access the ProcureAZ system located online HERE.
  • ProcureAZ Phone Support: (602) 542-7600. Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5:30pm; voicemail after hours.

How can I directly support the Arizona Veterans Donation Fund?

  • You can help by purchasing a Veteran or Freedom Arizona License Plate for an annual $25 fee, $17 of which goes directly to the ADVF. Click HERE or on the license plate icons at the bottom of any page on this website.
  • You can make a tax-deductible charitable donation to the fund, making your check payable to Arizona Veterans' Donation Fund, and mailing your check to: 

Arizona Veterans' Donation Fund

c/o Arizona Department of Veterans' Services

3839 N 3rd St

Phoenix, AZ 85012


Is there someone I can speak to regarding AVDF grants?

Yes. Contact the VDF Grant Program Manager through one of these channels:

Attn: VDF Grant Program Manager

Arizona Department of Veterans' Services

3839 N 3rd St

Phoenix, AZ 85012

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