Veteran Homes Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Arizona State Veteran Homes is to provide professional skilled nursing and rehabilitative care for the geriatric and chronically ill veteran and dependent/surviving spouses throughout the State of Arizona. Our goal is for each veteran to attain or maintain his or her highest practicable physical, mental and psychosocial well-being. 


Arizona State Veteran Homes

Arizona State Veteran Home Values


Accountability - "We do what we say."

We are accountable to our residents, to their families, and to each other. Accepting responsibility is critical as we plan and deliver care.

Trust - "We say what we mean."

Open and honest communication is critical to earning the trust of our residents, their families, and our coworkers.

Love - "We love who we serve."

Out of love and respect for our veterans, we put their needs before staff convenience.

Positive Attitude - "We enjoy what we do."

Optimism inspires open-mindedness and creativity. 

State Veteran Home Volunteers

  • The Special Event Escort program is for people who enjoy helping out with a one-day event such as escorting veterans on a casino trip or helping to serve a holiday meal. We send out e-mails to those interested in upcoming volunteer opportunities. 

  • The Special Event Entertainment program is for individuals or groups who would like to come in for a day to sing, dance or show their appreciation to our Veterans in some other creative manner. This program is ideal for musicians, artists, school or scouting groups. 

  • The Program Sponsorship is great for organizations, a family or a group of friends. This program allows groups to come in once a month, once a quarter or once a year to provide a special program to the veterans. For example we currently have the Elks and the American Legion who sponsor bingo nights. They bring in all of the volunteers, we provide the supplies and they run the games. Hospice of the Valley sponsors a weekly "happy hour" complete with non-alcoholic beer and a variety of card games. We are looking for others to make a commitment to organize poker, pinochle or other games. 

  • The Friends of Veterans Program is for people whose schedules are busy but who still want to make a personal connection with a veteran. This program requires a volunteer to visit a minimum of 1 time per month, but may visit more if their schedule allows. These veterans are more independent but need to know that someone out in the community still cares and appreciates the sacrifices they made for our country. 

  • The Caring Companion Program is for people who are able to come in on a weekly basis to visit with a veteran. Based on the volunteer's interests, they are matched with a veteran. Volunteers come in and do a variety of activities such as reading them the newspaper, playing a game of cards or taking them next door for a stroll in Steele Indian School park. Our veterans who do not have family members close by are usually placed in this program. This allows the veterans with minimal visitors to have someone in the community become their "adopted" family.