Requesting Assistance from the Military Family Relief Fund

What is the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund?

The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund was established by the Arizona Legislature in 2007 to provide financial assistance to the families of currently deployed Service Members and post-9/11 Military and Veteran Families for hardships caused by the Service Member’s deployment to a combat zone. Assistance from the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund is determined by an Advisory Committee, which is comprised of twelve members appointed by the Governor as well as the Director of the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services.

What are the Eligibility and Qualifying Requirements for applying to the Fund?

MFRF eligibility, requirements, instructions, and application for assistance may be found online HERE.

Where may I find online News & Information about the Fund?

Follow us on Facebook to read how the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund is helping Arizona's service members and veterans overcome hardships caused by their deployment, and for news and information specific to Service Members and Veterans - and their families - who have served in combat since September 11, 2001.

Note: MFRF Advisory Committee meeting agendas and minutes are available from links at bottom of the MFRF Donation page.
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