Hot Air Balloons on the Arizona Horizon
Overview All suppliers must register in the Arizona Procurement Portal (APP) in order to be notified of and respond to solicitations, be eligible for State contracts and issuance of purchase orders
VISION Arizona Veterans, Service Members and their families will have no barriers to benefits and services they have earned MISSION To be the catalyst in response to the evolving needs of Arizona's
The Arizona Veterans' Donation Fund (VDF) Large Grant Cycle is now open! We are accepting grant proposals through 5pm on 3rd Friday in December. Eligibility is open to local governments, Native
The Special Event Escort program is for people who enjoy helping out with a one-day event such as escorting veterans on a casino trip or helping to serve a holiday meal. We send out e-mails to those
The Special Event Entertainment program is for individuals or groups who would like to come in for a day to sing, dance or show their appreciation to our Veterans in some other creative manner. This
The Program Sponsorship is great for organizations, a family or a group of friends. This program allows groups to come in once a month, once a quarter or once a year to provide a special program to
The Friends of Veterans Program is for people whose schedules are busy but who still want to make a personal connection with a veteran. This program requires a volunteer to visit a minimum of 1 time
The Caring Companion Program is for people who are able to come in on a weekly basis to visit with a veteran. Based on the volunteer's interests, they are matched with a veteran. Volunteers come in
Mission StatementTo provide effective and accurate services to our customers and partners to support a fair and equitable work environment The Human Resources Department at Arizona Department of
Mission StatementTo provide accurate financial information to those with whom we work and those we serveValuesRespect – holding in high regard the dignity of everyone we encounter.Commitment – to the