Staff Spotlight: Meet SAA Education & Program Specialist Aaron Ferrell

Photo of Aaron Ferrell
March 29, 2024

This week’s Staff Spotlight features our Education and Program Specialist Aaron Ferrell!

 Name: Aaron Ferrell

Role at ADVS: Education and Program Specialist with State Approving Agency

When did you start at ADVS? March 21, 2022

Did you serve in the military? Yes, as a Sgt. Paralegal NCO in the Army for 8 years

Did anyone in your family serve? No

What do you do at ADVS? I work for the SAA where we evaluate and approve programs to be eligible to accept VA education benefits.

Why did you decide to join ADVS? I wanted to work somewhere that positively impacts other Veterans and their families.

Why is your job important to helping Arizona Veterans? I see too often the lack of help or resources available to veterans and wanted to help change that and by working here I am able to do so.

What do you enjoy about working at ADVS? I get to enjoy a set schedule where I do not have to work on the weekends.

Outside of ADVS, what do you enjoy doing? I enjoy going to the Zoo, going to concerts and movies, as well as reading books and playing Dungeons & Dragons

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? The ability to duplicate myself so I could accomplish more during my day.

Thank you for the work you do for our Arizona Veterans!


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