Information Technology

ADVS IT Mission Statement

To provide high-quality technology-based services in a cost-effective manner; 

To support systems, processes, and solutions through best practices and industry standards;

To enable our users through smart application of technology on behalf of Arizona's Veterans.



We do NOT accept sales or telemarketing cold calls. EVER. Please do not contact us.


Agency Staff in need of IT Assistance?

Open or Review an ADVS IT Helpdesk Ticket

Select your favorite contact mechanism and be descriptive!

Open Helpdesk Ticket online or

Email [email protected] or

Call Helpdesk 602-263-1848 or

Complete New User Request Online

Complete User Rights Closeout Online (NEW!)

Examples of IT-related problems include: computer, network, login, email, messaging, 

web-browsing, printing, scanning, faxing, mobile phone, WiFi, and office automation tools.


Need Business/Tech Solution Guidance?

Don't just call us for help after experiencing buyer's remorse.

Let us know how we can assist your division or team with business analysis ahead of time.

Tell us the tech-based problem you're trying to solve; perhaps we can help you find a

better way to solve it.


Need Tech Procurement Guidance?

We're not just a bunch of pretty faces with propeller beanies. We are smart, too!

Seriously, if you need guidance with a technology procurement decision, from wireless mice

to digital cameras, from WiFi/MyFi to sound reinforcement, drop us a line or give us a call.





New User Setup Request Form

  - Online Fillable Form

User Rights Closeout Request Form

  - NEW! Online Fillable Form

IT Packet: Policies, Access, Consent

  - Online Fillable Form

  - Old-style printable PDF (25 pages)

Equipment Transfer of Accountability

  - Online Fillable Form

  - Old-style printable PDF (1 page)

Handy Staff Links

Benefit Options

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Matrix Care (eMAR and NCS PC's)

Ability Portal

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Telephone System Information

Cisco IP Phone 7945, 7965 User Guide

User Guide Cisco Unity Voice Mail

Cisco Web Portal Guide

AZNET II Overview


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