Campus or Institution Certification Process

What is a Veteran Supportive Campus (VSC)?

A VSC is a post-secondary institution that is already in compliance with the State Approving Agency (SAA) and the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), and certified as eligible to receive GI Bill Education Benefits. In addition to being in compliance with the SAA and VA, a VSC will need to meet the required areas of focus criteria listed in the Arizona Veteran Supportive Campus Statute, and apply to become a certified VSC through the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services (ADVS).

The purpose of becoming a certified VSC is to better understand the needs of military students and become continually responsive to those needs. A VSC will need to stay current on community resources applicable to the various needs of their military students and their families, as well as complete military sensitivity and awareness trainings offered by the Arizona Coalition for Military Families (ACMF) for both staff and students.


Must already be in compliance with the SAA and VA and be certified as eligible to receive GI Bill Education Benefits. 

Certification Process

  • Once required areas of focus are met, an application is submitted to ADVS
  • ADVS reviews application and determines if minimally-acceptable criteria are met (ADVS may conduct on-campus review to determine if institution is in compliance with required criteria)
  • ADVS notifies institution if certification was met, and if not, provides a reason why
  • ADVS lists new certified VSC on website at and also on the ACMF Military/Veteran Resource Network

Maintaining Certification

A VSC certification is renewable every two years, as long as the following are met: 

  1. Semi-annual reports due on June 30th and December 31st  that detail the number of veterans currently enrolled AND the number of veterans currently graduating 
  2. GI Bill Education benefits in compliance with SAA and VA 
  3. Maintain required areas of focus 

Required Areas of Focus 

Guidelines for C.A.R.E. on VSC Application

(Examples included on the FAQ page at

C. Connect to the Culture 
    1. Campus Survey and Metrics
    2. Campus Steering Committee 
A. Ask the right Questions 
    1.  Sensitivity and Awareness Training 
    2.  Orientation Programs 
R. Respond Effectively 
    1. Peer Mentoring and Support Programs
    2. Resource Center 
E. Engage the Military/Veteran Community 
    1. Outreach Strategies 
    2 . Community- based Collaborations 


For more information on the application process contact:
Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services
Phone: 602-234-8418
Email: [email protected]


VSC Convenient Online Forms

Veterans Supportive Campus Qualification Form

Veterans Supportive Campus Yearly Reporting Form


The list shown on this page does not contain all postsecondary institutions that may qualify as an Arizona Veteran Supportive Campus. The Arizona Department of Veterans Services has not verified the information provided on any of the campus websites listed herein and does not endorse any offer made by the sponsor of the website.

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