Veteran Dream Team

2015-09: Timothy recently enjoyed a very special celebration complements of the Dream Foundation and friends at ASVH-PHX.

Arizona Veteran Dreamer, Timothy, served in the U.S. Army from 1950-1952 and shared about the transition of being in a segregated unit, then transferred to an integrated unit, and the challenges of such an experience. After his service to our country, Timothy served as a pastor for many years.

In August, Dreamer Timothy was hosted at the Arizona State Veterans Home in Phoenix by ADVS Director Wanda A. Wright and many members of staff as well as Timothy's special guests, whom he hosted for dinner later that day.

The Dream Foundation is a national dream-granting organization for adults and their families suffering life-threatening illness. Since 1994, it has served more than 20,000 final dreams and has never turned down a qualified dream request. For the past two decades, the Foundation has been touching lives, meeting needs, reuniting families, and providing peace, comfort and closure as they near the end of life's journey.

Having learned the importance of acknowledging veterans, honoring their service, and sharing their personal stories, Dream Foundation established Dreams for Veterans in 2014 to effectively tailor the dream experience to veterans and their families. Dreams for Veterans recipients are honorably/general discharged or currently active U.S. military veterans with a remaining life expectancy of 12 months or less.

All of our dreamers receive a dream box from the Dream Foundation no matter what their dream request is. In this box are included Dreams for Veterans t-shirts for our Veteran dreamer and their family, hats, and if they are going on a trip, their itinerary and plane tickets and any other goodies the Dream Foundation can add. Also included are Dreams for Veterans balloons for our Dream Host to add helium (if available) to enhance the actual dream box delivery. 

For each dream box delivery, the Dream Team looks for someone(s) (typically it is 2-4 people) in our dreamer's community who would like to be our Dream Hosts and deliver this dream box in person. This approach creates another opportunity to bring more joy to our dreamers' lives. For our Veteran dreamers this typically creates another moment to honor and acknowledge their service to our country. In 2014, 75% of dream boxes were delivered by Dream Hosts.

For more information about the Dream Foundation, please click this link.

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