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The Arizona Department of Veterans' Services is working to help veterans’ interested in starting their own small business or franchise.  Veterans leave the military with a highly experienced skill-set attuned for small business, including managing an effective team, establishing and following operating procedures, and focus to achieve success.  The Arizona business community has a strong interest in taking advantage of the tremendously successful skill-set veterans possess, and by partnering with the local business community the Arizona Department of Veterans' Services is working to create veteran-specific programs to tap into your skills and offer you the support you need to start and succeed in small business. 


Thinking of starting a business?  Here are some things to keep in mind…


Write out your idea first.

Describe your business and what you want to do.  Lay out the components as you see them, but also consider more than just the building and what you’re selling; consider inventory management, payroll, pricing, marketing, hours of operation, organizational structure, etc.  More importantly, think about how long it will take you to turn a profit.  This not only helps you think about all aspects of the business, it helps you start thinking how to structure your business plan which is a vital component to move forward and secure financing.


Seek advice.

No one has all the answers, and there are many organizations out there to help veterans start a small business.


Make friends.

With your banker, with your lawyer, with your accountant.  You’ll need their expertise when you start.


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