You Spoke, We Listened: Veteran Transportation Matters Study Results

October 14, 2021

A lack of access to transportation can lead to Veterans missing doctor’s appointments, not being able to shop for groceries, and various other opportunities that would allow them to appropriately take care of themselves and thrive. 


In an effort to prevent more Veterans from experiencing the effects of not having access to transportation, the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services and the University of Arizona conducted the Transportation Matters survey to hear from Veterans regarding their transportation needs, first-hand. 

The transportation study, began August 1, 2020, and took place over a one-year time span, surveying Veterans from Arizona’s 15 counties, 91 cities, and towns, including 21 American Indian Tribes. We communicated with federal, state, and local government offices, Veteran organizations and groups, as well as private and non-profit organizations to access information regarding the current transportation needs of Veterans. 

In addition to surveying these groups, we conducted a variety of focus groups to further analyze the information gathered. The results of the survey are compiled in the “Addressing the Transportation Needs of Veterans in Arizona” report.

This information will be used to develop solutions to address the transportation needs of Arizona’s Veterans, as we continue tapping into resources across the state to identify gaps and apply appropriate solutions to the needs addressed in this report and beyond. 

For the full report click here.