Veterans' Donation Fund Large Grant Winners

Grant Winners
February 28, 2023

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services (ADVS) is thrilled to announce the 2023 Veterans’ Donation Fund (VDF) Large Grant winners!

The Arizona Legislature created the VDF in 1999 to fund programs that benefit Arizona Veterans and their families. Arizona law specifies that VDF donations are held in an account that can never revert to the State General Fund and can only be used to benefit Veterans in the State of Arizona through small ($4,999.99 or less) and large grants ($5,000 - $75,000).

“The Veterans Donation Fund is so important because it gives ADVS the ability to help these organizations continue to reach Veterans and help get them the programs, care, support and community that they deserve,” Natasha Orduno, ADVS Grants Project Specialist explained.

Congratulations to these 13 Arizona organizations awarded 2023 VDF large grants!

Arizona Warrior Hockey Charities (awarded $75,000) – Helps improve the quality of life for disabled Veterans (PTSD/TBI) through sports and physical activity. They hold regularly scheduled skates every Sunday at 7PM at AZ Ice Arcadia. For more information contact [email protected]

Ayuda Smiles for Veterans (awarded $55,000) – Provides Veterans with dental care. Visit their website

Brain Injury Alliance (awarded $45,500) – Empowering Male Caregivers, a one year pilot program to cover a noted gap in their current service area. Brain Injury Alliance provides advocacy, education, information, support and resources, while promoting brain injury prevention. Visit their website

Cochise Serving Veterans (awarded $75,000) – Provides a transitional assistance program, addressing Veteran healthcare, homelessness, housing and basic needs, employment, food insecurities, clothing, transportation, utilities, and financial counseling. Visit for more.

Duet Partners in Health & Aging (awarded $75,000) – partnering with the Arizona Caregiver Coalition, Unlimited Potential, and the So’Tsoh Foundation to help Arizona Veterans and their families regain hope and build resilience when confronting the complexities of caring for individuals with dementia, traumatic brain injuries, or other cognitive challenges. For more

EMPACT – Suicide Prevention Center (awarded $47,250) – Provide 315 Sponsored Training Days designed to increase access to mental health care and prevent suicide for Arizona’s Veterans. Visit their website

Fresh Start Women’s Foundation (awarded $50,000) – Support services in organization’s Impact Program, which offers women Veterans a holistic, personalized pathway to self-sufficiency. Visit for more.

Heard Museum (awarded $25,000) – to support the Heard Museum’s annual Veterans Day Celebration and Sunset Tribute. Will also fund an artist’s workshop for Arizona’s Native American Veterans. Visit their website

Justa Center (awarded $54,600) – Aims to create intervention and provide the housing support necessary to older Veterans 55+. Program removes street-level barriers for Veterans in extended homelessness who are or will be transitioning to independent living. To learn more visit

Law College Association UofA (awarded $45,000) – The Veterans’ Advocacy Law Clinic at Arizona Law provides pro bono legal services to Veterans. The only law school clinic in Arizona whose clientele are exclusively Veterans and service members. The only non-profit program in Arizona that focuses exclusively on the legal needs of Veterans. For more information

Merging Vets and Players (awarded $57,225) – Supporting the mental health of Veterans in the greater Phoenix area and Maricopa County through our unique peer-to-peer programming. Visit

Power Paws Assistance Dogs (awarded $50,000) – Provides trained mobility assistance and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) dogs for Veterans, as well as training for the Veterans to become primary trainers. Assistance dogs train to calm their handler, help them deal with stressful situations, and wake them from night terrors. To learn more visit

US Vets – Prescott (awarded $75,000) – Support Long Term Supportive Housing units across the Prescott and Prescott Valley areas covering a portion of the operating costs such as maintenance and repairs, transportation, property management, case management and more. To learn more

Total VDF large grants awarded: $729,575

The Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services would also like to thank the VDF large grant review team who evaluated grant applications from more than 40 Arizona organizations. To learn more about the Arizona Veterans’ Donation Fund visit