Staff Spotlight: Meet ADD of Administration Jack Beasley!

Photo of ADD Jack Beasley
February 22, 2024

This week’s Staff Spotlight features our Assistant Deputy Director of Administration, Jack Beasley!

 Name: Jack Beasley

Role at ADVS: Assistant Deputy Director of Administration

When did you start at ADVS: November 28, 2022

Did you serve in the military: Yes, for 29 years in a variety of positions, but mainly as an Artillery Officer and Colonel in the U.S. Army. 

Did anyone in your family serve: Yes, my father was in the Air Force and my grandfather was in the Navy.

What do you do at ADVS: I oversee the finance, procurement, IT, and risk management sections of the agency.

Why did you decide to join ADVS: I liked the idea of helping Veterans, and the job itself was similar to many of roles and responsibilities while I was in the Army.

Why is your job important to helping Arizona Veterans: My division ensures we have the necessary finance, resources, interconnectivity, physical security, and safety measures in place so that the Veteran homes, cemeteries, grants programs, and Veterans Benefits Counselors can perform the direct support they do for our state's Veteran population.

What do you enjoy about working at ADVS: It's great being in an environment where ideas are valued, we regularly seek continuous improvement, and the staff are enthusiastic about improving the lives of Arizona's Veterans.

Outside of ADVS, what do you enjoy doing: I enjoy creating sports photos and videos, playing guitar, and attending concerts.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be: Teleport anywhere in the world. I like to see the world, but the actual travel is a pain!


Thank you for the work you do for our Arizona Veterans!