Arizona National Guardsman Jeffrey “MadDog” Madorski interred at Arizona Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery at Camp Navajo

Photo of Chief Major Sergeant Jeff "MadDog" Madorski's casket
January 29, 2024

BELLEMONT, Ariz.- More than 300 people gathered at the Arizona Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery at Camp Navajo (AVMC-Camp Navajo) last month to say their final goodbyes to a friend, mentor and dedicated military man.

Arizona Air National Guard Chief Master Sergeant Jeffery Charles Madorski, lovingly known as MadDog, passed away at the age of 56 after a brief fight with cancer. The hundreds who gathered at AVMC-Camp Navajo to celebrate his life were a testament to the impact that he left on this world.

Jeff served in the Arizona Air National Guard for 32 years. He started as a Med Tech in 1991 before following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a Boom Operator in 1997. By 2016, Jeff had risen through the ranks and became the Chief Boom Operator of the 161st Operations Group in Phoenix.

Anyone who knew Jeff knew just how much he loved the military. His walls at home were adorned with pictures of his work around the world-- glimpses of the 5,000 flight hours he had accrued throughout his career—and patches decorating in between the frames.

In the 161st Operations Group, Jeff was a leader, a mentor and a friend to many.

“He was someone who you would aspire to be,” said Col. Dean Owen, vice commander of the 161st Air Refueling Wing, Jeff’s fellow serviceman and best friend of 24 years. “He always had the soundest advice. His leadership style was very laissez faire but effective.”

Outside of his military career, MadDog was known for his thirst for knowledge, his bravery and his love for his family and friends. Jeff was a jack of all trades, dabbling in everything from woodworking, to hunting and even to cooking on Dean’s ranch. His loved ones said that Jeff was also the first one to volunteer his time and help to anyone in need.

To those who knew him, Jeff won’t just be remembered for his accomplished military career, or even his extraordinary culinary skills, but he will be remembered for his kindness and his love for life.

“Jeff lived life right and he lived it to the fullest,” Dean said.

To celebrate his life and legacy, MadDog was given full military honors complete with the playing of Taps, a 21-gun salute and a full flight formation flyover with a KC-135 Air Refueling Tanker. In attendance were most of the units Jeff worked with and the Adjutant General and her executive staff.

Dean said the ceremony was stunningly wonderful, thanking AVMC-Camp Navajo administrator Judy Dillman and her staff for their work.

“Judy knocked it out of the ballpark, she put on the most respectful ceremony I have ever seen for my best friend,” Dean said. “It was amazing, Jeff was so well loved by all.”

The Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services thanks you CMSgt. Madorski for your service and sacrifice to our country.

Photo of Jeff "MadDog" Madorski courtesy of Vibrant Portraits Studios LLC