ADVS Director Wanda Wright named new President of National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs

Director sworn in
September 21, 2022

Phoenix – The Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services (ADVS) is proud to announce that Director Wanda
Wright is the new President of the National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs, also known as

Her appointment was made official on Wednesday, August 17th during the 2022 annual training conference held
this year in Hawaii. Prior to this appointment, Director Wright served as the NASDVA Senior Vice President.

Director Wright succeeds former NASDVA President, Thomas Palladino, the Executive Director of the Texas
Veterans Commission. In her new role, she will be the executive head of the organization. Director Wright will
ensure that the organization’s vision, mission and goals are followed.

“I am so pleased to be installed as the newest President of NASDVA,” Director Wright says. “It is an honor and
privilege to represent an association that cares for Veterans across the nation and the four territories. My goal
for the next year is to work with the VA to ensure all Veterans are cared for and have access to benefits and
services that they have earned.”

The history of NASDVA dates back to 1946. In the aftermath of WWII, it required coordinated efforts to get
Veterans their earned federal and state benefits. NASDVA was created by the states to manage Veterans’ affairs
and carry out the responsibility of Veteran services and programming.

NASDVA is made up of the state directors from Veteran affairs agencies from all 50 states, Washington, D.C.
and five U.S. territories. The organization is the second-largest provider of services to Veterans, contributing
more than $8 billion annually in benefits to Veterans and their families.

Governor Doug Ducey appointed Director Wright, a retired Air Force Colonel, to lead ADVS in 2015. She will
continue in this role.