Military Family Relief Fund - 2022

2022 Tax Credit Donations are:

  • CLOSED for ONLINE donations
  • OPEN for CHECK donations

The Military Family Relief Fund (MFRF) is accepting CHECK-BASED donations for the 2022 tax year. Your donations go towards helping Veterans, service members, and their families, who are currently facing unforeseen expenses or financial hardships.


Please take time to read below as our processes have changed. We accepted ONLINE donations for 2022 tax credits to the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund until we received $850,000 in donations. Once we receive $850,000 in donations, we will accept mail-in check donations until we reach the $1 million cap.

Important things to remember include:

  • All donations must include your full name, address and last four digits of your social security number. 
  • All donors are required to designate which portion of MFRF they would like their funds to go towards, the “Post-9/11” OR the “Pre-9/11” program fund. ($200 for single, $400 for married, filing jointly).
  • Donors also have the option to designate half of their MFRF tax credit contribution ($100 of $200 or $200 of $400) to either the “Post-9/11” OR the “Pre-9/11” program fund. 

How do I donate to the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund (MFRF)?

  1. ONLINE (open until $850,000 in donations are received) Donating online is a quick, easy and secure way to ensure your state tax credit for the 2022 Tax year. Online donations will be open until we reach $850,000 in donations. At that time, online donations will be closed for 2022. Did you know - If you donate online, you will receive your tax credit receipt instantly?
  2. CHECKS (open from $850,000 TO $1 million in donations are received) We will accept checks once $850,000 in online donations have been received. The donation form will be provided below once we begin receiving check donations. Please reference our MFRF Estimate of Donations received for routine updates.

Arizona Revised Statute § 41-608 states that donations made to the MFRF program must not exceed $1 million dollars per tax year. The donations that qualify for tax credit are determined on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that we will accept mail-in check donations once online donations have reached $850,000 for tax year 2022, until the $1 million cap is met.

Always watch our website for the estimate of donations received and the opening date for check donations. The MFRF donation form will be available once mail-in check donations are open.

Download Form Now - Click the TAX CREDIT Button


MFRF Estimate of Donations Received


As of November 22, 2022

What is the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund?

The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund was created to provide financial assistance to service members, Veterans and their families for unforeseen financial hardships caused by the service member's military service. MFRF is open to both pre 9/11 and post 9/11 Veterans. Assistance from the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund is determined by an Advisory Committee. The Committee is comprised of twelve members appointed by the Governor, as well as the Director of the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services or their designee. 

How does the Fund help?

The MFRF program is in place to assist our service members, Veterans and their families in overcoming financial barriers. Common assistance includes, but is not limited to: rent/mortgage, utilities, car payments, etc.

How do I request assistance from the Fund?

Visit this web page for information on how to request assistance from the Fund.

What about the Arizona Tax Credit?

With this useful tax credit, you can assist Arizona Veterans in need while also enjoying a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state tax return. This charity fund has a $1 million cap for refundable Arizona tax credits, so it’s best to get your contribution in early during the year. Once $1 million in donations is reached, contributions must be returned, therefore it's best to send your donation in early, so you are ensured a credit on your Arizona tax return.

Review the AZ Tax Credit Form 340 online HERE for $200 single/head-of-household or $400 married filing-jointly. It costs you nothing, yet allows you to redirect Arizona state tax dollars to support Veterans in need, making you the boss of the taxman!

Arizona Military Family Relief Fund Advisory Committee Meetings

Click HERE to find agendas and meeting minutes for the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund Advisory Committee, which meets monthly.