Julia R. Gusse

Julia R. Gusse
Legislative Liaison

Organization: 8-ADVS

Julia R. Gusse is the Legislative Liaison for the Arizona Department of
Veterans’ Services.  Prior to accepting this role, she served as a political
appointee for the Biden-Harris Administration as the Senior Advisor to
the Under Secretary for Benefits, Veterans Benefits Administration,
Department of Veterans Affairs. Julia has been in public service all of
her adult life, after having served on active duty in the United States Air
Force. Julia’s passion and career has evolved in many positions serving
our nation’s military and Veteran population. She is the former Director
of the Veterans Upward Bound Program at Arizona State University and
former Councilwoman (two terms) for the City of Maricopa, Arizona.

Julia holds a B.A. from CSULA and a Masters’ from the University of
Arizona in Information Resources and Library Science.