Combat Call Center

1-877-WAR-VETS (aka Combat Call Center)

... is an around the clock confidential call center where combat Veterans and their families can call to talk about their military experience or any other issue they are facing in their...

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Survivors Assistance Brochure

The Office of Survivors Assistance (OSA) was established in October of 2008, and is the primary advisory to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs on all matters related to policies, programs, legislative issues, and other initiatives affecting Veterans' survivors and dependents. 

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Business Resource Information

The Arizona Department of Veterans' Services is working to help veterans’ interested in starting their own small business or franchise.  Veterans leave the military with a highly experienced skill-set attuned for small business, including managing an effective team, establishing and following...
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Military Family Relief Fund - 2017



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PDF icon 2017-05-15 Minutes - Approved80.94 KB
PDF icon 2017-08-15 Minutes - Draft30.48 KB
PDF icon 2017-07-18 Minutes - Approved23.2 KB
PDF icon 2017-06-20 Minutes - Approved25.34 KB
PDF icon 2017-05-09 Minutes - Approved84.07 KB
PDF icon 2017-04-18 Minutes - Approved22.14 KB
PDF icon 2017-03-21 Minutes - Approved20.57 KB
PDF icon 2017-02-14 Minutes - Approved80.19 KB
PDF icon 2017-01-17 Minutes - Approved79.79 KB
PDF icon 2016-12-13 Minutes - Approved74.82 KB
PDF icon 2016-11-15 Minutes - Approved171.95 KB
PDF icon 2016-10-18 Minutes - Approved.pdf78.52 KB
PDF icon 2016-09-20 Minutes - Approved.pdf184.9 KB
PDF icon 2016-08-16 Minutes - Draft.pdf88.6 KB
PDF icon 2016-07-19 Minutes - Approved.pdf76.61 KB
PDF icon 2016-06-21 Minutes - Approved.pdf86.75 KB
PDF icon 2016-05-17 Minutes - Approved.pdf75.35 KB
PDF icon 2016-04-19 Minutes - Approved.pdf120.77 KB
PDF icon 2016-03-15 Minutes - Approved.pdf77.53 KB
PDF icon 2016-01-19 Minutes - Approved.pdf29.07 KB
PDF icon 2016-01-19 Agenda.pdf37.84 KB
PDF icon 2015-12-09 Minutes - Approved.pdf17.37 KB
PDF icon 2015-12-09 agenda.pdf37.73 KB
PDF icon 2015-11-17 Minutes - Approved.pdf18.33 KB
PDF icon 2015-11-17 Agenda.pdf37.78 KB
PDF icon 2015-10-20 Minutes - Approved.pdf27.92 KB
PDF icon 2015-10-20 agenda.pdf37.92 KB
PDF icon 2015-09-15 Minutes - Approved.pdf72.83 KB
PDF icon 2015-09-15 Agenda.pdf226.14 KB
PDF icon 2015-08-18 Minutes - Approved.pdf75.2 KB
PDF icon 2015-08-18 Agenda.pdf225.97 KB
PDF icon 2015-07-21 Minutes - Approved.pdf74.96 KB
PDF icon 2015-07-21 agenda.pdf226.14 KB
PDF icon 2015-06-16 Minutes - Approved.pdf73.48 KB
PDF icon 2015-06-16 agenda.pdf142.5 KB
PDF icon 2015-05-19 Minutes - Approved.pdf152.77 KB
PDF icon 2015-05-19 agenda.pdf142.27 KB
PDF icon 2015-04-21 Minutes - Approved.pdf168.46 KB
PDF icon 2015-4-21 Agenda.pdf142.27 KB
PDF icon 2015-03-17 Minutes Approved.pdf225.5 KB
PDF icon 2015-03-17 Agenda.pdf141.87 KB
PDF icon 2015-02-20 Minutes - Draft.pdf79.87 KB
PDF icon 2015-02-20 Agenda.pdf142.03 KB
PDF icon 2015-01-20 Minutes - Approved.pdf73.85 KB
PDF icon 2015-01-20 Agenda.pdf142.06 KB
PDF icon 2014-12-16 Minutes - Draft.pdf82.33 KB
PDF icon 2014-12-16 agenda.pdf142.96 KB
PDF icon 2014-11-18 Minutes - Draft.pdf82.34 KB
PDF icon 2014-11-18 Agenda.pdf152.39 KB
PDF icon 2014-10-17 Agenda.pdf152.42 KB
PDF icon 2014-10-18 Minutes - Approved.pdf73.88 KB
PDF icon 2014-09-16 Minutes - Draft.pdf86.6 KB
PDF icon 2014-08-19 Minutes - Approved.pdf82.52 KB
PDF icon 2014-8-19 Agenda.pdf152.46 KB
PDF icon 2014-07-15 Minutes - approved.pdf82.96 KB
PDF icon 2014-7-15 Agenda.pdf151.59 KB
PDF icon Open Meeting Posting.pdf130.4 KB
PDF icon 2014-06-23 Minutes - Approved.pdf86.58 KB
PDF icon 2014-06-23 Agenda.pdf151.44 KB
PDF icon 2014-05-20 Minutes - Approved.pdf83.24 KB
PDF icon 2014-05-20 Agenda.pdf105.9 KB
PDF icon 2014-04-15 Minutes Approved.pdf81.73 KB
PDF icon 2014-04-15 Agenda.pdf23.89 KB
PDF icon 2014-03-18 Minutes.pdf21.86 KB
PDF icon 2014-03-18 Agenda.pdf20.37 KB
PDF icon 2014-02-18 Minutes.pdf103.67 KB
PDF icon 2014-2-18 Agenda.pdf23.82 KB
PDF icon 2014-01-21 Minutes.pdf61.7 KB
PDF icon 2014-01-21 Agenda.pdf23.83 KB
PDF icon 2013-12-10 Minutes.pdf627.8 KB
PDF icon 2013-12-10 Agenda.pdf23.59 KB
PDF icon 2013-11-19 Minutes.pdf23.01 KB
PDF icon 2013-11-19 Agenda.pdf24.18 KB
PDF icon 2013-10-15 Minutes.pdf29.09 KB
PDF icon 2013-10-15 Agenda.pdf23.64 KB
PDF icon 2013-09-17 Minutes.pdf22.7 KB
PDF icon 2013-09-17 Agenda.pdf23.63 KB
PDF icon 2013-08-20 Minutes.pdf20.15 KB
PDF icon 2013-08-20 Agenda.pdf23.53 KB
PDF icon 2013-07-16 Minutes.pdf23.9 KB
PDF icon 2013-07-16 Agenda.pdf24.09 KB
PDF icon 2013-06-18 Minutes.pdf21.73 KB
PDF icon 2013-06-18 Agenda.pdf23.45 KB
PDF icon 2013-05-21 Minutes.pdf21.95 KB
PDF icon 2013-05-21 Agenda.pdf150.6 KB
PDF icon 2013-04-23 Minutes.pdf26.81 KB
PDF icon 2013-04-23 Agenda.pdf22.38 KB
PDF icon 2013-03-19 Minutes.pdf20.38 KB
PDF icon 2013-03-19 Agenda.pdf22.38 KB
PDF icon 2013-02-19 Minutes.pdf29.56 KB
PDF icon 2013-02-19 Agenda.pdf22.41 KB
PDF icon 2013-01-15 Minutes.pdf25.8 KB
PDF icon 2013-01-15 Agenda.pdf22.38 KB

Help a Homeless Veteran

If you are a homeless veteran, at-risk of homelessness or a provider trying to assist a homeless veteran, please call the National Homeless Veterans Resource line at: 877-4AID-VET (877-424-3838).

Online visit:

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Vets for Warriors
National Resource Directory

Support your AZ Veterans