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Military Family Relief Fund - 2018


MFRF 2018 is now taking donations!

How do I donate to the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund (MFRF)?

What is the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund?

The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund was established by the Arizona Legislature in 2007 (click HERE to see Arizona statute 41-608.04 online). The Fund provides financial assistance to the families of currently deployed Service Members and post-9/11 Military and Veteran Families for hardships caused by the Service Member’s deployment to a combat zone. Assistance from the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund is determined by an Advisory Committee. The Committee is comprised of twelve members appointed by the Governor, as well as the Director of the Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services. 

Who is affected by deployments to a combat zone? EVERYONE!

When our troops are deployed into combat zones, their family, friends, and community go with them. Mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, and children are affected emotionally, physically, and financially. 

What type of needs are there? 

The Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of operation have produced combat veterans who are faced with severe injuries that are not comparable to previous conflicts. In many cases, long-term medical care is needed, requiring families to be by the side of their military hero. Cash-strapped families must pick up the tab for travel, lodging, and household expenses while their family member undergoes rehabilitation.

In worst-case scenarios, when military families lose a loved one in the line of duty, they are frequently faced with devastating financial hardship. Unforeseen expenses add to the stress of tremendous loss. Families are forced with little to no warning to restructure their lives and manage day-to-day bills, all while laying their hero to rest.

How does the Fund help?

The families of Arizona Service Members who are currently deployed, have been injured or killed while fighting the Global War on Terror, or are facing hardships caused by their deployment can now receive assistance through the fund to ease any significant financial crisis they might encounter.

How do I request assistance from the Fund?

Visit this web page for information on how to request assistance from the Fund.

What about the Arizona Tax Credit?

With this useful tax credit, you can assist Arizona veterans in need while also enjoying a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona state tax return.  Contributions are also deductible on your federal tax return (though not a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on the federal return; only the Arizona State return).  This charity fund has a $1,000,000 cap for refundable Arizona tax credits, so it’s best to get your contribution in early during the year. Once $1,000,000 in donations is reached, contributions must be returned, therefore it's best to send your donation in early, so you are ensured a credit on your Arizona tax return.

Where may I find online News & Information about the Fund?

Follow us on Facebook to read how the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund is helping Arizona's service members and veterans overcome hardships caused by their deployment. Also, watch for news and information specific to Service Members and Veterans - and their families - who have served in combat deployments since September 11, 2001.

Arizona Military Family Relief Fund Advisory Committee Meetings

In the section below, please find agendas and meeting minutes for the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund Advisory Committee, which meets monthly. The attached files appear in the order of most-recent-first.

Military Family Relief Fund - 2018


MFRF 2018 is now taking donations!

How do I donate to the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund (MFRF)?

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