Financial Services

Mission Statement

To provide accurate financial information to those with whom we work and those we serve. 




The Purchasing and Procurement department at Arizona Department of Veterans' Services (ADVS) is responsible for the Procurement of goods and services within the guidelines of all applicable laws, statutes, policies and procedures, including achieving competitive pricing, scope of work, terms and conditions, and assuring vendor relationships that are in the best interest of ADVS and its customers: our veterans and taxpayers. 

Vendors/Partners should consider Doing Business with ADVS  

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department at Arizona Department of Veterans' Services provides usual and customary HR support to the agency for recruiting, hiring, benefits, performance management, and all the aspects of supporting agency employees at all levels. Working closely with resources from ADOA (Arizona Department of Administration), the ADVS HR team assures our agency practices are efficient, effective, and operate in line with state employment and benefits practices, policies, and procedures.

Information Technology

ADVS IT Mission Statement

To provide high-quality technology-based services in a cost-effective manner; 

To support systems, processes, and solutions through best practices and industry standards;

To enable our users through smart application of technology on behalf of Arizona's Veterans.



Mission Statement

The primary responsibility and focus of the State Approving Agency (SAA) is to promote and safeguard quality education and training programs for all veterans and other eligible persons as well as  to ensure greater education and training opportunities that meet the changing needs of veterans and to protect the GI Bill® resources available for those program.

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