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Veteran Transportation Matters Report Cover Photo
A lack of access to transportation can lead to Veterans missing doctor’s appointments, not being able to shop for groceries, and various other opportunities that would allow them to appropriately take
ADVS Benefits Guide Cover
(October 2021) Issued brand-new comprehensive Arizona Veterans' Benefits Guide as a downloadable PDF file for our Veterans and constituents. Click HERE or on the image at left to download your own
Volunteers are AwesomeVolunteers are an important part of the Arizona State Veteran Homes. Volunteers are the constant reminder to our Veterans that the community appreciates the sacrifices they have
COVID-19, Types of Visitation: Arizona State Veteran Homes UPDATE (5/24/21) Starting May 29, 2021, the Arizona State Veteran Homes will allow residents to participate in home and community visits with
The State Approving Agency (SAA) is responsible for the review, evaluation, approval, and oversight of schools and training facilities to ensure state and federal quality criteria are met for veterans
July 2017 (revised July 2019): The Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services is proud to launch the Veteran Tool Kit Program. It was created to help unemployed veterans get the supplies they need to
Parades and Thunder and Cheers, Oh My! Honking horns, cheering, and terms of endearment filled the atmosphere near the Arizona State Veteran Home - Phoenix as they hosted two days of parades for their
There was joy, excitement and tears at the Arizona State Veteran Home – Tucson as they hosted a no-contact visitation event for its residents and their families. Due to COVID-19, the facility limited
On March 18, 2021, Governor Doug Ducey signed SB 1443, expanding the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund. MFRF was established in 2007 to support families of Post 9/11 service members. The fund
ADVS-AZVETS-collage-AZ-state-map-crop.jpg The Arizona Department of Veterans’ Services is transitioning all Veteran Benefits Counselors (VBCs) to remote work. This change will allow VBCs to conduct